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My tools 》Stones Constellation

I like adding thought provoking tools into my Counselling and Coaching work. Talking is my main tool but from time to time the sessions need to be "spiced up" with other therapeutic or coaching tools. Here's one of my clients in one of the exercises which is not only very liked by clients but also give wonderful insights. ☆What is it? A collection of stones (mine are mainly from Israel, Scotland and the Netherlands but it's an opportunity to ask friends to add stones to your collection from their travels). ☆How we used it? The subject was family. I asked him to chose stones which represent his family and put them in a constellation on the table. Following what he did I asked him to describe his choices and then I asked my questions: Why is person X so far from Y? Is the similarities in shapes of stones represent something? If you could change a stone, which one would you have chosen to put instead? The questions help to develop the understanding of the situation. It works not only because it's a bit different and fun but also because it "taps" into our imagination, a place which is sometimes in need of a bit of dusting. If you're a practitioner, you can also start your own collection of stones and start using it.

☆How else to use it? I use it a lot in work places (the woman with the stones) for people to describe relationships in the place where they work. I used it with a list of ideas one person had. I even used it once to ask someone to describe their expenses. Really play with it. And if you're not a practitioner and still read it all the way to here, it's one of 2 options I guess: Either you are interested in my work, and wish to become a client of mine, and that will make me very happy. So just send me a PM. Or You're hoping that I'll ask you to bring me a stone from your next travels. So yes, please do! Thanks ❤ 

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