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About me...

You might have seen me on social media, or maybe in a workshop in your workplace, or maybe you even came across my name as part of looking for coaching training.
So it's important for me to introduce myself properly.

Hi, and nice to meet you.

My name is Noa Brume and I’m a counsellor, coach and trainer based in The Hague.

Via my company NBmove, I provide life-coaching services to the international community in the Netherlands, and via my coaching institute The ICCI, I train the next generation of coaches and I provide training to organisations on many topics related to coaching.

I came to the profession after we'd lost our son back in 2004 and was helped by some wonderful professional helpers, counsellors and coaches in the years which followed.
Since then I discovered my love and ability to help and support others, and together with my years of experience in teaching and education, I now combine counselling, coaching and training, which for me completes the picture.



I have one aim in my work:
To empower people and guide them in finding the strengths in themselves so they can create a more peaceful and meaningful life.

It gives me great pleasure to see people who take responsibility over their lives, discuss their challenges and overcome them while gaining useful tools which serve them daily both at home and at their workplace.

NBmove Counselling, Coaching & Training and The ICCI (The International Coaching & Counselling Institute which I opened) are the tools which allow me to do all that.

Under this umbrella I provide:

  • Training for the next generation of coaches at The ICCI - The International Coaching and Couselling Institute 

  • Training and workshops on subjects such as: Improving communication skills, Team building, Leadership skills Strengthening the Wellbeing of staff

  • Counselling or life-coaching sessions to private individuals

  • Coaching for staff in organisations


Since 1993 I’ve been involved in teaching and training in an international environment and since 2005 I’ve been supporting individuals with personal difficulties in different settings.

I’m a graduate of The Academy for Counselling and Coaching, and hold both their Academic Counsellor and Coach diploma and their Specialised Counsellor and Coach diploma, in which I specialised in Positive Mental Attitude.
I started working as a trainer for counselling and coaching courses in 2013.


I work and train my coaching students, in the Person-centred approach,  an approach which puts the client in the centre of the process.
In this approach the professional helper is there to assist the client in expressing and defining the challenges, look for possible solutions and then take decisions which suit their life situation, personality and wishes.

I believe that people are able to change, deserve to grow and can (and should) take control over their lives.
This is why I find the Person-Centred approach so useful: it goes well with my belief that my clients know what is good for them and that my role is to help them find the right path for them, rather than me telling them what to do.
This empowers them and allows for a relatively quick process which stays with them for a long time.

My one-on-one work with clients is done in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere which provides a safe, confidential and private place to work on any issues which might bother my clients. I work both in The Hague and online.

My training and workshops for organisations are all unique, original and extremely engaging.
I include stories, explanations from research, and I use real life examples to involve the audience in thought-provoking activities.


Over the past few years I’ve been working with dozens of private clients, and have given coaching and training days in organisations such as Shell, the UN, The Hague University and more.

My work as a trainer for coaching courses gives me great pleasure in preparing the future coaches to work professionally, in high standards, and according to a strong professional ethical code of practice.

I enjoy seeing my coaching students thrive and become working coaches in the community.


I hope that you'll enjoy and gain a deeper understanding of the engaging and rewarding process of coaching through the information on my websites and Facebook pages.


Noa Brume

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More of my story

A therapist? Who, Me? Never!


How could I even think that I can deal with other people’s lives, with their emotions, their problems, help them overcome difficulties…

No, not me - I’m so full of problems myself that I surely can only ever sit in the client’s seat. Never the therapist’s one. No way!


So I went for my passion and became a teacher. And I loved every moment of my 17 years in the educational field. LOVED IT.


I worked in primary schools, high schools and excelled and taught in 2 universities, one of them being the University of Oxford!


No doubt I rocked, and I loved every minute of it: loved the children and the teenagers, and loved my university students.


But then, something happened that shook my world: Our first son died when he was only one day old from birth complications.


Suddenly, nothing was how I imagined it to be anymore: my life turned upside down in one moment.


I want to say that I was destroyed, broken to pieces, shattered, reached rock bottom … and yes, I was all that … but right from the moment it was clear that there’s a problem, I knew deep inside that something good will have to come out of it!


The months passed and slowly also the years and it was starting to be clear to me that what I wished for is happening: I started to rebuild my life, and to help others in my situation.

And then it started …

I asked myself over and over: Could it be that I become a therapist? That I help others?


I searched for answers in what I like about teaching …

And I found it.

It’s the person behind the title “student” that I love: Who they are, how they feel, what families they come from, what are their strengths and what sparks them…


And I’ve realised something which changed my life forever:
It sounds very simple, but it really is not.
I love and connect to people in a different level,
and this isn't a gift which everybody has.
It took me years of working with people to realise that I just do it differently.

I especially love the interaction with people, the beauty in people. I connect to others very easily and sometimes very deeply. I believe that every individual has such a lot to give to this world and that every person is a gift and has a gift.


Yes, I’ve realised that I can also help others, and guess what?
I’m a pretty good at it.


So I went and studied how to become a counsellor, and I fell in love with life-coaching too and made it into a profession.


And how I help others can be discovered in the pages of this website which I invite you to explore, or simply contact me for a chat to learn more of how I can help you too. 


Noa Brume

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