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Private Clients


I work with private clients in my practice which is located in The Hague or via the Internet (using Skype or ooVoo).

The practice is located in a quiet are of The Hague where we can really focus on your story and your goals quietly and efficiently.

The atmosphere is calm and relaxed, I'm here to listen to YOU and to check together with you what is currently bothering you and how you can move your life forward.


You can either come for some counselling or coaching sessions, but don't worry if this is not yet clear to you which one you prefer.

It is my job to hear you and decide together with you where we go from here.


The big advantage of me being able to do both is that it is possible for me to combine the two if needed, and nothing needs to be fixed in advance.


Let me hear your story and work together with you on the change you wish to achieve..

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