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Private Sessions


In which we discuss matters which are important for you, we look for possible ways of getting things better and you're with my support, you're encouraged to take action and get to a more ideal place for yourself.

Sessions are 60 minutes long.

Private prices include BTW

Cost per single session: €150 incl. BTW

Expected outcome: In a single session, we'll be able to explore your situation, and draw a plan of action which you'll then follow by yourself.


Sessions packageWhen you book 6 sessions in advance: €780 incl. BTW
(To be used within 3 months)

Expected outcome: 6 sessions will allow us to deeply explore your situation, to look at the different aspects of what is bothering you and what you'd like to change, explore what is currently stuck or stopping you from achieving change. We'll then move on to exploring your possibilities, we'll draw a plan of action with clear desired outcomes, and I'll support you in planning how to achieve it.
We'll have enough time to reflect and reassess different decisions as the journey unfolds, and work together towards your desired outcome.


Packages can be paid in 2 or 3  instalments. 

If you take a package and not used all of it, you can get a refund according to the number of sessions you used. calculated according to the price of a single session.


Feel free to email me to, text me or call me to 0650499646 to discuss which way is best for you.

Packages for Corporate Sessions

Package A: 
20 sessions


To use within 2 months

Package B:

50 sessions


To use within 4 months

Package C:

100 sessions


To use within 6 months

Sessions are 60 minutes long

Corporate prices exclude BTW

Training prices (workshops, lectures, motivational talks):

Unless specifically priced for an individual service (workshop, lecture etc.), you should expect the following prices:
1/2 a day training (up to 4 hours): €675

Full day training (up to 8 hours): €1,225
Excluding BTW

Rates include materials and preparation (if a tailor-made training is required, extra preparation will be discussed).


Travel expenses:

In case I need to travel to you:

Travelling time:

€15 for every 30 minutes (or part of 30 minutes) travelling time
Excluding BTW 


Travel and Parking expenses:

€0.25 per KM + Parking if applicable
Excluding BTW 

Corporate prices exclude BTW 

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