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What clients say:

Past and present clients:

Noa is one of the most professional people I have ever met. She is warm, caring, understanding as well as smart and powerful. 

She is a true inspiration source for anyone who wants to grow and develop himself/herself. 

Noa has a the gift of making you feel liked when you are talking, no one else matters. She knows to listen and is happy to share from her own experience without being judgmental. 

It has been a great honour for me to know her and to work with her.

Limor Smits - Owner of Gesher Business and Personal Solutions.

"Her calm voice and candid personality have helped me feel comforted when I was at my very worst."

When I met Noa for the first time, I was on stuck in a rut. I was getting things done, but I was living from moment to moment trying to put out fires. Inside, I felt it was time for a change, a change I desperately needed, but I had no idea where I wanted to go or how I’d get there. The only thing I knew for sure is that I had to do something, for me.


Then I met Noa. At first I hesitated since I didn’t know how talking to a stranger might help me become the new person I wanted to be. At our first meeting, Noa only did one thing; she listened. The only thing she asked of me at the end of our session is to give myself an hour once a week to meet with her. Throughout our meetings, Noa has helped me focus on the things that are important to me. She always reminds me of my strengths and values, while encouraging me to find the confidence that I never knew I had in me.


The thing that struck me most about Noa is not only is she a great listener, but the way she devotes herself to me during our sessions. Her calm voice and candid personality have helped me feel comforted when I was at my very worst. From meeting to meeting I feel Noa has empowered me, with creative ideas and fun tasks.


A few months have passed since I started meeting with Noa, and I already see change in myself. I feel happier, healthier and have more faith than I ever thought possible. I’m looking forward to my weekly meetings with Noa, and am excited to discover what else I can accomplish.


A 35 year old, mother of two.

My life was an utter mess before I met Noa.
She has this talent to see the good in you even when you don't see it yourself.
She reflects this back to you and you can do nothing but play with this ball she threw back at you, and start loving your life again.
You're one of a kind and I'm so glad I met you.

P.R. UN worker 

"Our home is a much happier place thanks to your ideas, exercises and insight"


I came to see Noa because a friend recommended her as someone who can help us with problems which we had with our teenage son.


It was clear right from the beginning that Noa has a lot of experience with teenagers’ “minds” and how to approach them and gave me a lot of insight to things which I never thought about / knew, especially that we’re both coming from different backgrounds and our son is growing in the Netherlands, again, in a completely different culture to the ones me and my partner come from.


There were times when Noa was very gentle and understanding and on other times she gave me a gentle “shake”. I liked that actually because it was so clear that me and my partner are stuck in perceptions which simply don’t work.


I know that Noa says that I did all the work, but it wasn't possible to be done without her fantastic ability to listen without any judgment, to reflect and to make me see that I can do things to make the situation change. Yes, I went home and did the “work” but she opened my eyes to the possibilities I had, some of which I just didn't dare do before I met her and her encouraging personality.


So thank you Noa for being there for me. You’re one of a kind and I’m so lucky that I dared and came to you, opened my heart to you (that wasn't hard) and let you help me to gain strength in the parent I am.


Our home is a much happier place thanks to your ideas, exercises and insight.



S. T. (parent of a 16 year old)

"It was great to meet with her once a week, she made me feel happier and with new hopes"


I would like to share my experience that I had when Noa was coaching me.


At the very first moment when I talked to Noa I felt very comfortable, even without knowing her. She is kind, friendly and trustable person. Her personality and the way she talked to me, gave me right away a good feeling.


I was having different kind of issues in my life, I actually didn't know where to begin with. In our first session, she listened to me really good and with a lot of patience, together we decide what were the most important points to talk about. She is a great listener and her suggestions and advice help me a lot.


It was great to meet with her once a week, she make me feel happier and with new hopes, and for sure my life was changing. I felt I was talking to a friend that I knew for very long time but of course very professional. 


Thank you again Noa for the good changes you gave to my life. I still keep them with me in my daily life :-) 



A 42 year old, mother of two and business owner.

"Noa gave us an important and significant support in the emotional healing process which we went through"


In the year 2005 my wife and I have gone through a baby loss in the eighth month of pregnancy. The meaning of this, for those who are lucky enough and do not know, is a stillborn baby. During this difficult time of mourning and trauma, we had a lot of help from Noa, initially through the Internet forum which she had administered, and later in person, in many phone conversations of encouragement and listening.


We've found that Noa has a listening ear, a warm heart, and a lot of common sense, which helped us, little by little, to cope with what we have been through. Noa gave us an important and significant support in the emotional healing process which we went through. The feeling that we are not alone, and that she is there to listen and advise, both from personal experience, but also of extraordinary ability of listening and caring, has helped us and pushed us forward in small steps.


A year later, we had another son, and a day and a half after his birth he stopped breathing.  He was admitted to the intensive care unit, connected to a respirator for 10 days. In these days his condition was defined "critical". It's hard for us to describe our mental and emotional state at the time, and the distress experienced when we felt the hard experience of returning from the hospital empty handed, might become real again in front of our terrified eyes.


During this time Noa was recruited to help us, and though she was abroad she got us good and important advice, including medical advice, arranged for more people who supported us and supported us herself, endlessly giving and helping. Again we felt that we were not alone, and that we have a huge help by our side, which is not only very human, but also very professional.

On the tenth day the miracle happened, and our son started breathing on his own. After 20 more days he was released from the hospital. We have added to his name the word "Nes", which in Hebrew means "miracle". The first letter of this Hebrew word, N, also represents for us the name of Noa.



Yoram Galili, a bereaved father.

Thank you Noa for opening my eyes to the authentic "me" which I seemed to forget about.
I appreciate the way you first of all listened, a rare ability I dare saying.
You've let me see the strengths which I do have.
You inspired me to go with my own truth.
I discovered with your help that in this way I do things more naturally, which frees more to do what I really want as I'm less busy with what others think I should do.
I'm now more myself.
And it's not a cliche.

 Mrs. B., 44, working at Shell.

Across boarders, and across cultures you helped me.

I recommend this process with you Noa to anyone not 100% happy with life .
It doesn't happen in a day so I recommend to take the time and see Noa for a few sessions because this is how you will see a change.
It's worth investing the time in yourself.

 Kasia, 29, Poland.

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