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We all have those difficult moments when it is hard to see the way forward, when the path is not clear. We all face challenges from time to time, and sometimes it does not take much to throw us out of balance or to make us feel that everything is just too much.


Perhaps you have

• family issues

• relationship concerns

• work related difficulties

• the feeling that “it has happened again”.


There can be issues from the past which confuse or hold you back, or you may feel unfulfilled. There may be deep-rooted unresolved issues.


It doesn’t need to stay that way!


You can do something about it and gain control of your life again.


It's for just these situations that counselling exists: talking to someone who has experience in helping people cope with those difficult times, someone who can give you professional insight can be invaluable.


As a professional therapist, I know how to really listen to you with complete empathy and without judgement. I can help you:


·         to get a different perspective

·         to see the way forward

·         to feel able to cope with those situations

·         to remove the obstacles which stop you from making the most of your life


If you feel that individual counselling sessions with me might help you, call me today for a free consultation conversation.

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