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From a “bossy" manager
to a liked leader

in 4 weeks

How to speak with your staff so they’ll want to cooperate and follow your lead.

Are your workers talking to everyone on the team but not that much with you?

Is everyone going for their lunch break together but tend not to ask you to join?

Is there someone on your team who makes your life miserable?

Statistics show that the main reason why people leave their jobs;

Is not the conditions, not boredom and not even money.
It’s whether they feel comfortable and meaningful in their work environment and get along with their managers and employers. 

As a manager:
Can you say that it’s
fun to work with you?


  • Are members of your staff smiling at you when they see you in the corridor?

  • Is everything being done; and beyond without unnecessary stress?

  • Do you feel that everybody cooperates with you?
    Or do you feel that you need to say things again and again?

Are you being a boss or a leader?

Most professional people are being promoted to managers; and instead of doing what they love, they are occupied with little problems between the people on their teams.

Instead of being leaders: developing, inventing, being creative and pushing their teams towards success; they are busy micro-managing their employees: constantly telling them what to do and then checking if it was done…. While at the same time, their employees feel they need to answer to their boss’ requests and are nervous when being around them.

Do you feel that way as a manager?


I want to tell you:

It’s not your fault!

When you get promoted, nobody tells you about this part of the job. Nobody is training you on how to motivate people to connect to their work, be effective, and achieve their best.

You hardly ever get training in communication for leadership.

You find yourself
doing everything you hated about bosses, instead of doing the things you love and were promoted to do.

So hi, I’m Noa Brume and I’m a coach and a trainer working with leaders in organisations and businesses on their communication.

Many years ago I was there too: in the place where I loved my work but disliked my workers. And they in return pretty much disliked me.

For years I’ve been refraining from taking any paid leadership roles, and it was only after I worked hard on my people-skills, and especially after I studied and became a counsellor and coach that I could make the change and lead people, not only in managing a branch of one of the biggest academies in the Netherlands all by myself (with a line of people waiting and wishing to become members of my staff), but also as a trainer in the academy and in international organisations.

In recent years I’ve been training business owners, managers, and CEOs to connect to their staff and develop their people-skills.

I’m excited to launch a new digital product in which I’ll show you how to encourage, motivate and empower your staff, so you stop being seen as a “boss”, and become a leader who people want to work with.

Here are some of the benefits of this digital course:

It talks about the same things I talk to people in my practice and workshops but for a fraction of the price

The tools can be applied immediately after each lesson

The results can be felt within days

You can use it in the comfort and privacy of your own home

No one needs to know that you're taking it

It's saving you time travelling

You can access it from wherever you want (on the go too)

It only takes around 10 minutes of your day

This course is evidence-based.
The tools and skills I'll show you were all tested on real people, in their work environment.
This wasn’t developed by giving questionnaires or by interviewing people. No. All the tools were tried and examined on real cases of actual people who I helped over the years.

And it's ready for you to learn from what they did and what best worked for them.

But most importantly:

If you practise what I show you, there's every chance in the world that you'll experience some wonderful personal growth, will develop your leadership skills, and feel great about things which currently stop you or bother you.

Join this digital course now to dramatically improve your communication skills
It has been created for people just like you:
People who want to improve on their communication skills,
who want to create meaningful connections, inspire and lead.

Please note:
This course is not for everybody.
I only want with me people who are not scared to face their reality, not anxious from experiencing positive change in their life,  are ready to invest in themselves and to practise seriously for seeing results.

What will you find on this course?


I’ll expose to you what is the secret ingredient for being a good leader.

You’ll understand how you can tune into it too and make it the focus of your leadership.


I’ll show you the simple twist you can make to help people connect to you.

Are your wishes and actions both lead to make you a liked leader? If not, this insight will change the picture and things will quickly move on from there.


I’ll show you how to transform yourself from a good listener to an effective listener:

You’ll understand what the 3 kinds of listening are, and which one is best for you to use to become a person who’s always getting the full picture. 


I’ll share with you my most effective tool
which allows me to develop deep connections with my clients and staff.
Once you get it, you’ll be able to use it immediately and see fantastic results within days.

How is this course built?


The course consists of 6 units learnt over 4 weeks.

Week 1 - Unit 1 + 2:  At the end of this week you'll know...

  • What is the biggest secret to being a good leader

  • Why is this secret so effective and how to start using it yourself

  • What types of communications are there and how to best use each one of them

  • Start practising what you're are learning on real people

Week 2 - Unit 3: At the end of this week you'll...

  • Know how to recognise the different types of people you're coming in contact with 

  • Be able to use a communication model which I'll show you and which will help you to best communicate with each type of person on the basis of their needs

  • Learn a powerful technique which counsellors, coaches and even salesmen use in order to psychologically connect to the person they're talking to


Week 3 - Unit 4: At the end of this week you'll...

  • Know how to use communication to your advantage 

  • You’ll understand what the 3 kinds of listening are, and which one is best for you to use

  • See how to become a person who’s always getting the full picture of what's around them

  • Understand the importance of the good preparation you'll need to make before a conversation in order for it to be meaningful

  • Have a solid idea of how you can implement that theory into practicality


Week 4 - Units 5 + 6: At the end of this week you'll...

  • Know how to make it all work:

  • Get actual tools to become an effective communicator who people feel open to talk to, and in return is attracting people to listen to you

  • Be exposed to the best tools coaches like me use and start using them yourself!

  • Receive some surprising bonuses which will be so effective that you'll use them right away



On a more practical note:


Each unit of the course has 3 or 4 short lessons.
Each lesson has a short video (around 5-10 minutes) which you can watch or listen to on the go.
Those videos will reveal the precise process, step by step, which need to go through in order to transform your communication abilities.


You’ll get practical exercises: They’ll be clear, fun and easy to follow (I don’t do boring).
The more you practise, the quicker and better the results will be.


You’ll be able to check your understanding and progress with “Check yourself” exercises and quizzes, but most of all: your reward will come from the positive feedback you’ll get from the people who you practise on, and very soon from your staff.


Now imagine...

Imagine that you're coming to work happy, looking forward to interact with your team.
That you are all having fun, laughing, looking at problems as challenges...
Yes, as a team.
And you are leading all that!

Imagine your team trusting you and connecting to you.
And when you're giving them tasks, they do them, because they trust you and your decisions.

Imagine yourself coming home, after a productive day, still full of energy because work didn't drain you...


All this is possible, and there's no need to just imagine.

I can show you the steps to achieve all that and more!

What is your investment?

I’m sure that you understood by now how much this course is going to add to your inner-peace, have a positive effect on your daily life at work and will influence you in every relationship which you currently have.


I hope you understand that this course holds years of experience both my own and of my clients.

It also unfolds years of training and of knowledge and research which I went through, and brought to you in a simple-to-follow and coherent way thanks to my experience of over 20 years in education and training


The full price of the complete course (after the pilot-programme) will be €392

(This is less than the equivalent of 4 coaching sessions with me, and I usually take people for a sequence of 10 or more sessions).


But now I’m looking for a group of 10 people who will participate in the first pilot group at half price, and will only pay €196  

It's important to know:

I operate a 100% guarantee policy on this course.

I’m here to give you knowledge and tools which will start making a difference in your life.
I believe that this course will transform a lot of the negative feelings which you currently experience and you’ll learn extremely important skills.

Some courses open one lesson at a time, but in this one, all the lessons are going to be open for you right from the start.

So please take 14 days to have a look, and if there’s any reason for which you’d like to get your money back, please just let me know, and you’ll get a refund, no questions asked. And, you’ll even get to keep the course for yourself. I don’t think that there’s anything more fare than that.

Yes, this is how much I believe in it and in the change it can help people make.

And if this isn’t enough, here’s what else I'm going to give you:


Bonus #1: The pilot group will benefit from a closed Facebook group which will operate during the 4 weeks of the course so you can ask questions, get some extra materials which I’m not sharing on the course, and share your opinion and get my support and the support of the group.
There’s no need to belong to it but it helps.

Bonus #2: As it’s a pilot programme, you’ll get my support in surprising places, so I know that you’re on the right path. I’m not leaving you. It’s important for me that you succeed.
Where, when and how… well… you’ll have to wait and see. It’s not called a surprise for nothing.

And of course, I'll be here in every step of the way for questions and support.

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