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You are able to change

You deserve to grow

You are so much more than you believe
And I'm here to help you see all that!
I'm Noa Brume, life-coach and trainer.
I have a gift: I know how to empower people

Moving people forward, and allowing them to take control over their lives is what I do.
I help them fulfil their potential by following their wishes and dreams.

Whether you're a private client, or a corporate one needing support and training for your staff, my services can have the answer for you.

My work is done in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere which provides a safe, confidential and private place to work on any issues which might bother my clients.

Explore this website to get a better picture of how to work with me.

Your life can get a great move forward.


Contact me: you’re guaranteed to find a friendly and understanding person who is really ready to listen to you and be there for you.

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KVK number: 60925043

© Noa Brume 2019

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