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Hi and a warm welcome.

My name is Noa Brume, 
I'm a life-coach and trainer for the next generation of coaches through my coaching institute: The ICCI. 
It could be that you're here because one or more aspects in you life feels "stuck" or that you wish to get somewhere in your life and feel that you need someone to walk you through the next steps.
Or maybe you're going through some challenges that are just too difficult to cope with alone.
This is exactly why I'm here: To be your listening ear, to hear your story, discuss it together, get clarification on the situation and help you seek a new way and solutions.
All will be done in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere which provides a safe, confidential and private place to work on any issues which might bother you.
Your life can get a great move forward.
In short: To get you the kind of life you wish to have but for whatever reason, you're not there yet.
And if you're here because you too are thinking of becoming a trained confident coach, I invite you to visit my coaching institute, The ICCI.
To read more about me...
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Watch my TEDx talk:
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