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“Excellent tips and tools. So easy to use.”
“Of extreme value: My whole relationship with myself and what I’m
able to achieve has changed”


You want to be more positive but don't know how?
You understand that it's important for your mental and physical health but you can't get yourself to become it?

I bet you've bought at least one self-help book and you're still not "there"

Let me tell you: You're probably doing it WRONG.


No matter how old you are or what your life experiences have been, you can give your life a fantastic twist.

Join me: treat yourself to this wonderful journey to a more positive YOU.

Learn how to be more positive easily and naturally.

Learn how to stop being negative about things and adopt a positive attitude to everything you do and experience in life.



The course will cover:


  • What is Active Positivity and how does it work?

  • The advantages and benefits of Positive Thinking

  • Developing positive self-awareness

  • Easy-to-use practical techniques and tools to change into a natural positive thinker.


This is what I call a “Hands On” course, as we’ll discover, discuss and practise together and alone the wonderful tools I have for you, and you’ll experience the lovely change in yourself as the course develops.
These techniques can be used from the moment you hear them and can stay with you forever. You only need to practise, but I have ideas of how to do that too.


The benefits this course can bring:


  • Know how to create emotional defences

  • Build good self-esteem

  • Start to make daily living a positive experience

  • You’ll soon see the wonderful impact your change will bring to others (family, friends and colleagues).

  • Know how to face inner and outer obstacle


Why with me?

When I lost my child back in 2004, I soon came to realise that I think differently from other people in the same situation.
Not that I didn’t grieve, but there was something in the attitude I had that made me able to cope better than what I saw around or what was expected.
I wondered: What is it?
I started to search till I’ve realised: It’s Positive Thinking.
And from that moment it became a passion, something which I was so happy to learn about, discover and develop myself.
Now that I’m a counsellor and life-coach, I use it in my client work when suitable, and give lectures in private and company settings about what I call “ACTIVE POSITIVITY”.



€150 per person or €250 per couple (including BTW) or get it completely free (see below how).
*Different costs for companies. Please contact me.


How long?
This is a 4 x 1.5 hours weekly meetings


When is the next one opening?

This course is currently only run on demand.
If you wish to gather a minimum 10 paying participents, in whichever setting (private / corporate), not only will I come to you, but the organiser will get the course for



Wherever you choose, as long as it's not much longer than 1 hour drive from Den Haag.

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