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Pregnancy Loss


















Do any of these feelings sound familiar to you?

Do you also feel that you’re alone in your journey to deal with your pregnancy loss?


You’re not alone!


Pregnancy loss is such a taboo that people feel bad talking about it, sharing their grief and pain. Society tends not to be very tolerant towards such stories and people often encourage you to forget about your loss, to carry on, to try to pregnant again, and there’s very little empathy around for mothers, or for fathers.


You’ll often hear stories of how the same happened to someone’s friend, to someone’s cousin, and even people who experienced it themselves tend to forget how painful the loss was, just because they were lucky to move on.


But now it’s your story, and your grief and sorrow like you’ve never imagined it to be. Now is the time you need support, you want someone to listen to YOU and your story, and to see how you can stop it from taking over your life and how to learn to breathe again despite the pain.


I can help you with that.


Pregnancy loss and bereavement over a young baby is my speciality and I’ve helped dozens if not hundreds of people since 2005 to deal with the loss of their babies.

I can help you too.


It doesn’t matter when you’ve lost the pregnancy or how far pregnant were you. If it is still painful, there’s a lot you can do to heal. Don’t suffer alone.


Don’t let this loss break your marriage or distance you from your partner or loved ones.


Contact me for a visit to my practice or for an E-therapy session online.


I can be here for you and help you.




This group is running through Mothers Connect. Please Click below for more information.



“They tell me to relax. They say that it’s because of my worries that I keep losing my pregnancies. How can they say such a thing???”


“We got married 3 years ago and still no children. People look at my belly, constantly wishing to see it growing, but how can I tell them that I was already pregnant twice and lost my babies at week 9 and week 12?”


“My baby was stillborn at week 28. I held her and gave her a name. Nobody new in my life knows about it, and those who do seem not to want to hear of her and of my feelings as much as I want to talk”.

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