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When life is unstable - Act like a building site

Look at a building site. What’s the 1st thing you see? The protective wall around it. In most cases- we can still look in, but only authorized, constructive people are allowed to enter.

So here’s an insight- When life is unstable- Act like a building site. You too need to surround yourself with a virtual perimeter. You might still let people look inside, but only constructive and supporting “features” will be authorized to enter. That means that: * You define what needs fixing and you work on fixing it * You bring in the best “materials” to help you * You only let people you trust to get in * You concentrate on what you have: that’s what’s inside you already * You don’t aim to build outside the walls * You give yourself time It’s popular to use the expression “Comfort Zone”, so let’s call what’s inside the perimeter “The comfort zone”. Now it’s time to Rebuild Reconstruct Stabilise or even just maintain what’s inside the comfort zone. That means that you also take a break from reaching outside that zone because no magic will happen outside it if what’s inside is shattered. It’s probably not the best of time to try new things. When you’re not comfortable in the comfort zone don’t force yourself to go out of it like it’s recommended. Take a break. It’s the time to work on what you have on what you are good with and not necessarily to be adventurous. No extra pressure now. First rebuild what is currently crumbling inside and fill up the missing gaps and smooth any cracks. And once you’re good and new, once you feel stable and tall, that will be the time to remove the walls and shine again in all your glory.

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