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Meditation》Is it possible to do it your way?

So what if you're like me and still find it hard to sit crossed legs and go Ommmm? You could be like I was and convince yourself that you can't do meditation, Or You could find less "traditional" ways to meditate which will suit you. Do you know what I'm talking about? Can you share it? I've found different meditation which I can connect to like the Ho'oponopono and figured out that we can meditate during so many daily life activities. It can be while doing the dishes or having a shower or even waiting in a queue. For me, it's doing the laundry. And the absolutely best is if I manage to hang the laundry outside in the morning (not always possible in The Netherlands, and sometimes it's possible at 08:00 and rains at 11:00). Meditation is no longer a privilege of "spiritual" people. It's known and backed up by research to be good for our health, and is recommended by doctors all over the world.

So what is yours? Would love to try new things.

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