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What to look for when looking for a coach?

In this video you'll find our 5 top tips to answer that question.

What makes me most proud, is when my counselling and coaching students become my colleagues. Then I know I've done a good job.

I then feel blessed when they invite me to create something together.

This is what happened to me with Eva Amaral. Eva was a coach before coming to my course but she felt that her work could benefit from more depth in order to take her clients that step further.

In our course we start with teaching counselling and coaching together, exactly for our students to be able to combine from both worlds. For Eva, this was the perfect answer when it came to developing her career.

In this video Eva and I talked about 5 things to look for when you're looking for a coach.

I hope you benefit from it and share it with others who might look for a coach to help them move their lives forward.


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