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“If you want to train dragons, you have to know dragons”

“If you want to train dragons, you have to know dragons” (From: How to train your dragon).

Lucky for me, I train people, not dragons.

But I believe that the analogy still stands: If you want to train people, you have to know people. You need to know how to help them find their own strengths, you need to be attentive to their needs and you need to find the fine balance between giving from your knowledge and letting them discover and experience by themselves.

Over 25 years of teaching and training experience has taught me that, and I won’t try to be modest here: I’m good with training people. This is why my students learn quickly, feel confidence and supportive throughout the way. On the International Coaching diploma course I do it with my dedicated team, which I carefully chose to support every one of our students in their own unique journey, and I hope to do it with you too.

But don’t take my word on it. Read what my former students had to say about us: The trainers create a safe and open atmosphere and lead you through this journey with care and respect. (Anastasia Baybakova)

The trainers are brilliant, they know what they are talking about, very helpful, always listening and never judge you. (Vivian Harder)

Noa was supportive and responsive to queries – extremely important as challenges can swamp you. (James Jordan)

Noa, Rachel and Clara have been such inspiring teachers (Helen Monument)

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