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My courses》10 Fun facts you might want to know about our International Coaching Diploma Course:

The oldest student we had was in her 70s and the youngest started at the age of 23.

  • Students and trainers represent at least 40 nationalities and come from places as far as Australia, China and Mexico.

  • But… when it comes to travelling each time to a training day, it is hard to judge who made more of an effort: Flying in from Madrid, Driving in from Luxemburg, Taking the train from Maastricht or Cycling from Rotterdam?

  • We had people representing just about every religion or faith. At one point we had 3 people on the same course from the same country but with 3 different faiths.

  • We had people coming from backgrounds of: Teaching, Engineering, Human Resources, Cleaning, IT, Psychology, Translating and one of our trainers is even a former GP.

  • We had 1 couple taking the course at the same time (and they’re still together!)

  • There's at least one couple who met on the course (but maybe there's more, who knows?)

  • We estimate that together we drink over 500 cups of coffee and tea during breaks alone on every course.

  • We have an amazing new location in The Hague.

  • We have had men and women, young and old, highly educated academically or with lots of experiential learning, ranging from extrovert to shy, confident to uncertain, doubting and searching to convinced and ‘ready to go’.

So if you too feel that you can help people make a positive change in their lives, wishing to become a confident and effective professional coach..,

If you enjoy meeting caring and enthusiastic people from all over the world, who can inspire you and you inspire them back in an open, honest and authentic environment... then your place is with us.

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