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Become happy at work in less than 15 seconds

And why do I sit with my finger in my mouth and embarrassing myself taking a picture like this?

In short: If you fake a smile for at least 14 seconds you instantly become happier.

In long:

When we are happy we smile - everyone knows that.

But get THIS: When we smile, we're happy!

You got that?!

Here's why: Research shows that when we use our facial muscles which are used for a smile, our brain automatically "registers" it as happiness. And the beautiful thing is: Even when we fake a smile, the brain thinks it's a real smile>>our brain thinks we're happy>>We become happy too.

So here's how to do it: Smile for at least 14 seconds and let yourself feel the difference in mood.

Are you at work and you find it embarrassing to just put on a silly smile?

Then here's a trick for you: Put a pen horizontally in your mouth and keep it for 14 seconds.

Don't have a pen? Do it like me and bite your finger😊

Happy smiling everyone.

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