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This work must be draining you!

Is often what I hear in a conversation about my job.

There's no doubt that hearing other people's stories ever so attentively can be draining but I must say that life-coaching is also one of the most rewarding jobs out there.

Imagine sitting in front of people who arrive to you 



Sometimes upset

And at the end of an hour they are




And usually with a very clear idea of what next step they're going to take and own it.

Most session end up this way, 

with a big thank you 

And a big smile till the next week.

And if they don't then we don't worry and I make sure that my client understands that it's OK and it's all part of the process. 

Now there are 2 more things which one must understand:

1. I'm a professional and skilled helper.

This means that I've studied long and hard to be able to listen to people and help them solve their challenges. 

In the course (well, in the course I'm running but also in the one I myself took) we're working a lot on practicing SELF CARE as a therapist.

2. Each therapist or coach must have a supervisor. 

And if not a supervisor than an Intervision group

(That if s/he's responsible and adhere to the rules of the association s/he belongs to).

During those times you get to unload, and discuss your difficulties if they come up (let me just say that a professional therapist will never disclose details of their clients).

And last but not least,

When you're receiving such beautiful words like these ones I received from a client, it makes it all worthwhile. 

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