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The scariest it feels the better it gets (NOT a Halloween post).

My mum always says that every problem looks smaller in the morning. 

Years of practicing this idea made me realise that she's right.

Mums are usually right.

A few weeks ago I enrolled myself on a course which is completely and totally going to stretch my comfort zone:

I'm going to create my first online DIGITAL product.

Yesterday was the 1st day.

Just listening to the 2 trainers and the assignments they asked us to do made me want to quit. 

That sounded so SCARY.

And time consuming.

And especially made me feel like I've nothing, but nothing to contribute to the world, and all because I didn't have immediate answers to their questions.

I run a few options in my head:

1. To quit

Lose the money and stay where I am. It's not a bad place after all.

2. To go and just listen. Not to take an active part.

3. To take their questions and the assignments and sleep on it.

I chose option 3 but only because it was already 2.45am.

You might think that I'm going to tell you that I woke up having all the answers.


But I had the most wonderful reminder I needed this morning:

I need time to expand my comfort zone.

Every big thing I ever did in my life worked well when I took the time.

Every time I was scared before the next move it actually turned to be the best move of my life, one which I became so good at that it became second nature or turned to be my comfortable pond to swim in confidently. 

This is how it was before I enrolled to officer's course (and finished as a lieutenant), before I went to university (and finished with high marks), before I myself started my counselling course (now I'm creating those courses and teaching the new generation of thetapists and coaches) and that's how it was when I said yes to the invitation to give a  TEDx talk .

The scariest it is, the more comfortable I feel doing it after.

So this morning was a reminder to myself 

To breath.

To understand that this is how it works for me.

To take the time.

It's OK for me to take the time before I sprint.

And you?

What happens to you when you are about to expand your comfort zone? When you're scared?

What are your strategies?

Not sure?

This is also something which coaching could do for you: Realising what your natural strategies are and working with them to maximise your life to the full.


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