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Unleash this ONE word, and enjoy the power it gives you.

Not often I can say that I have a tip which is just one word but this time I can.

One word can unleash such a lot of power, and this is just beautiful to watch when it's done properly. 

This word is one of the most empowering tools known to me and I like using it in my own life and show others how to use it during my coaching sessions.

I especially like showing people who straggle to show weakness, exactly why using it, will in the most unexpected way, empower them and at the same time empower the people they talk to too.

This  video I've made recently  is explaining it too if you prefer to watch rather than read. 

The word I'm talking about is... HELP.

If we use it in the right way, it can make wonders.

Because asking someone to help you means that:

You believe in them and in their abilities

You trust them to do a good job 

And because of these 2 reasons, you instantly empower others, because there's nothing more empowering than someone telling us that we are trusted to do something, let alone help them.

And asking for help in the right way, means that:

You communicate your needs rather than expecting others to understand you

You show some vulnerability which as we know, makes you seen as a fellow human being (rather than someone unreachable). This by the way, when said correctly, is in no way showing weakness! 

Others know what they are expected to do

They're feeling involved and belonging (as there's now a psychological connection too: help is a deeply rooted connection)

To explain how to do it correctly is complicated on a blog post as you need to hear/ see me saying the examples and follow from there. 

So this is why I created a digital course called #From_a_bossy_manager_to_a_liked_leader  

If you still wish to see the video it's here

And if your dream is to become a professional helper, a coach or a counsellor and help others to know how to be vulnerable and use HELP, then maybe the #International_Counselling_and_Coaching diploma course is the one for you: 


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